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The Quilter's Cafe


What selling the BERNINA and Bernette machines means to us, and to you.

Quality, value and reliability. BERNINA and Bernette owners receive quality, value and reliability second to none. When you purchase a BERNINA machine you get an unmatched factory warranty, and we believe in that so much that beyond that first year of service that BERNINA provides, we are adding a second year to it.  That means that for the first two years your machine is going to receive that same level of comprehensive warranty care.  We would be happy to show you just what BERNINA is including in that.

We are proud to offer the BERNINA line of machines, accessories, and machine service to you. With over 125 years of quality, innovation, and reliability built into every machine they build, unmatched support, and a wide variety of accessories you can find the machine that suits your style and your budget best. We offer long-lasting support and service after the sale as well. We welcome you to come by and try out any of our machines, at no obligation. 

We carry models across all price ranges and from the smallest portable machine to the largest in-home machine, from the most basic sewing level to the most feature-laden machines that do just about everything except brew your coffee for you, and anywhere in between. Our selection of machines does change a bit from time to time, as new models come in or older model lines are discontinued, but you can be assured that our machines all carry the full factory warranty and we stand behind what we sell. 

Our goal is not to sell you the machine we think you should have, but to help you find the machine that fits best across your style of sewing,  how you use the machine and what fits your budget, and to stand behind that machine with mastery classes and service that let you enjoy it to the fullest.